Sumi-E (Japanese Brush Painting)

Sumi-E (Japanese Brush Painting)

The process of Japanese brush painting appeals to me as a musician. It is a performance and a meditation. It combines years of learning: brush strokes, paper, feelings, spatial elements, nature, philosophy, and approach, with unmeditated spontanaiety. The resultant paintings are beautiful in their simplicity, yet powerful in their imagery.

I wanted to apply these same inner principles to a digital medium. Working with a digital camera, I sought to uncover hidden aspects of the everyday world around us. I wanted to create images which felt drawn or painted onto a canvas, rather than produced by light caught on film. I wanted to invoke a feeling of nature, not of artifice, and to create atmospheric pieces which evoke the inner self and the vitality and vigor of sumi-e painting.

The end result is a set of 6 photo prints mounted on canvas: 6 meditations.
sumie Sumi E (Japanese Brush Painting)
2003, Series of 6 continuous color silver-halide photo prints

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